The Word of the Lord

apostle ric perez (04/09/21)

"In the present day... people are admirers and promoters of perversion and so have excluded their presence from within the righteous says the Lord. I see the activities of all, the intentions and hearts of both man and woman, of the famous and the unknown.

Secret communities covered... by shades of darkness, those employers of man, continue their exploits unhindered says the Lord. They speak controversies and chaos, some so evil and dark. These I once blessed with wealth and success in their early years, but they have turned their backs on Me. These prideful have boasted before Me; their success was because of Me and not a work of their hands. They have decided and planned... to deceive the weak into believing that my Word has no value or power, so that they can live their lives in perversion and evil says the Spirit of the Lord.

The cloaked and covered believe... their activities go unnoticed but this is because My People, the Armies to rise up, those who will sound their Jericho shofars, have yet to make their location known. And I caused the waters to rise from within the earth in the days of the beginning, I will again display My powers over this earth and the multitudes of the unholy says the Spirt of the Most High. Many voices will rise up and they will seek to be saved while they continue to live their evil and perverted lives. These will soon find the gnashing and grinding of teeth to be their very own says the Lord.

In the days that come... you will see a nation rise up against a nation. A powerful movement of the ground will mark the moment, many will perish, and many will survive. The secular will side with the aggressor, but they are wrong and will be rebuked severely says the Lord.

It appears to many... that salvation is but a dream for the religious few, for the judgers and self-proclaimed holy, that there is nothing supporting them but the scum from a dying pond. But hear Me now as the days grow thin and the nights become darker, they would have wished they paid attention to the voices of those crying out from the depths of the desert “clear the way for the Lord”. Many will only believe because of a sign; their unbelief is a stench in My nostrils says the Lord.

There will be a sign for the righteous... and their faith will be rewarded says the Lord Most High. I encourage those who bare the Seal of righteousness to not give up to not be burdened by the times nor by the many voices of the spiritually ignorant says the Lord. I say to you to delight yourself, your presence in Me and I will most definitely give you the desires of your heart says the Lord."