The Word of the Lord

apostle ric perez - october 30, 2019

The Holy Spirit spoke these Words to the body of Christ-

"In these days of lawlessness and perversion... I remind you again that only in Me will you find shelter and refuge says the Lord. My protection over you will never fade nor can it be infected by man in any way. The walls that surround you I have constructed. Like a mighty fortress they protect you from the enemy that approaches you from multiple directions says the Lord.

Deadly pestilence and poisonous vipers... released by the students of divination will not be able to penetrate the walls I have built. I remind you to trust Me and My Presence in your life says the Lord. I have sent you My Holy Spirit to teach and warn you about the snares and lures that will come to seduce you. There will be assignments and terrors that will use the cover of darkness as their refuge to hide their poisonous arrows says the Lord. But I will illuminate the night sky so that you can clearly see what they are and who they are in your lives. Nothing will be hidden from you says the Lord.

I have led you out from the lands of desolation... into the place I have called home for you. I have saved you from afar and delivered you from your hidden valleys of slavery says the Lord. Yolks known and unknown, shackles seen and unseen, I have crushed before your very eyes. The idols before you carved by the hands of man from earthly materials are not to be relied upon for these are powerless and will never answer you says the Lord. These only can offer fear and hopelessness. Depart from their presence and do not bow down to them nor serve them says the Lord.

For those who have built My Kingdom on earth... and have endured the fires of trial I will set them high above all of the nations of the earth. They will be blessed with My Favor says the Lord. Wherever they go they will be welcomed because they bring My Truth and have discarded their personal desires. They know Me and I know them for they do not change directions and are fearless before the lies and threats of Jezebel says the Lord. These do not know fear and are tireless before Me. Even though they travel in the midst of trouble I will preserve them.

Son and daughter hear Me! I have raised My hand... against your enemies and I have saved you says the Lord. I have removed the liars and false brethren from your midst. I have exposed the thief and its snares says the Lord. I have closed the mouths of the haters who have spoken ill of you. Those who have plotted against you will find themselves barren and wandering says the Lord. Their rivers will dry up and their crops will burn. Not until they repent for their words and actions against you will I relent. Nothing will stop you nor hinder you in any way says the Lord."