The Word of the Lord

apostle ric perez - AUGUST 8, 2019

The Holy Spirit spoke these Words to the body of Christ...

     I AM the Lord your God. There is none like Me nor will there ever be the like. I AM in your midst today as I was yesterday and will be tomorrow says the Spirit of the Lord. The battles you fight today are the victories of tomorrow, not because of your work but because of the Blood that drenched the sand and rock. Faith is the weapon that slew the giant and many have yet to pick up this stone to sling says the Spirit of the Lord.

     I AM ever present and inexhaustibly powerful for all time. Man makes attempts to encapsulate, inactivate and even imprison My Word but their efforts are futile and pathetic. These so-called followers are being uncovered, their whereabouts in your life and ministries are being revealed and they will be separated for the fires that await them says the Spirit of the Lord. Even those who claim to be Mine and believe they will escape the punishment of rebellion and pride will find themselves in a similar fate.

     In these days your land has become stained with the blood of the innocent. Addiction has fallen upon the generations of the weak says the Spirit of the Lord. Perversion no longer hides in the dark places but has now been welcomed openly in churches, in the political and social platforms. What I have called as sin, man continues to call good. Man has accepted the lies of the deceiver as if they were truth. I cannot use those who bask in the shade of self-righteousness says the Spirit of the Lord.

     The spirit of disobedience has attacked the weak. The result of this attack can be seen in their fruit. These times do not call for you to retreat into the darkness says the Spirit of the Lord. Those that fallback will be left behind, but those that refuse to be silent, those who refuse the system of the world, it will be these that I will use for My Plan. You are living in an unprecedented time says the Spirit of the Lord. Do not fear when the enemy knocks upon your door. Do not become weakened by their threats of violence against you. Every word that proceeds from their mouths I have heard before at the beginning says the Spirit of the Lord.

     You are protected everywhere you go, even when it seems you are being overrun by them, know that I stand in the very place of your escape. These are the days of the uprising! This should be no surprise to you as you have stayed very close to Me and have heard My previous Words of warning to you says the Spirit of the Lord. Yet there will be many who heard the same Words as you but because of their condition, because flesh always seemed to win, because I was not their first priority, it will be these who will crumble under this weight of spiritual opposition says the Spirit of the Lord.

     This is not the time to diminish says the Spirit of the Lord. This is not the time to retreat nor to travel into new directions. But this is the time to stand strong with Me in these days against the leviathan, and against the python says the Spirit of the Lord. These spiritual adversaries may have fooled some, but they have not deceived you. Watchman arise and recall My Words of strength to you says the Spirit of the Lord! Faithful sons and faithful daughters, new revelation and directions are proceeding toward you so that you would remain and remain in Me in power and strength says the Spirit of the Lord!