The Word of the Lord

apostle ric perez (07/31/20)

The Word of the Lord came to me on July 31, 2020...

The times are dark... and your surroundings have become toxic says the Lord. Demonic in effort and destructive is their design and their intent. I will provide shelter for you during this season of the flesh says the Lord. Fear runs rampant and has rooted itself among your people. As they waited for Moses to return from My mountain and found themselves embracing their perversions and idols so have the people in your day responded says the Lord.

They are full of hate and run... by doctrines of demons. The season upon them and the evil that is in their midst leaves an odor and stench which they have accepted. Secure your positions and enclose the high place. The intruder lurks in the darkness attempting to find a way to enter says the Lord. Many have been called to a higher place, but many will not be able to come to this space.

As difficult as it may be in this time... of continued sifting, I am separating the lukewarm says the Lord. Many will find themselves gnashing their teeth in the months to come as they will find themselves outside in a season of ignorance and childishness.

I will use those that appear unusable... and unpopular to further My plan says the Lord. I refuse the proud and I rebuke the arrogant. Stay clear from them because My wrath will be fierce, and My punishment will be swift says the Lord. Many will not find comfort nor ease in My Plan that is to be unfolded, there will be a demonic upheaval, civil unrest, but in the end the trumpets of victory will be sounded.

Before My Plan is made known... there will be a time of continued revealing of sin the likes of which you have never witnessed. The sins and plans of the enemy will be revealed to the world and many a man will fall and many a nation will crumble. All this must come to pass as I am doing a new work with the unrecognizable and unschooled.

I am their teacher and I am their resource... says the Lord. I will raise up from the dust who I will raise up and I will bring down those who come against Me. This is a demanding season and there will be no room for the weak and undecided. Those that waver and those that sow division will not remain, trust in Me and My Work during this time says the Lord.