The Word of the Lord

apostle ric perez - september 11, 2019

The Holy Spirit spoke these Words to the body of Christ...

     'Son be quieted. Daughter do not be restless. I AM not moved by your shouts and I AM not hurried by your impatience says the Lord. Look to the horizon and discern your direction with Me.

     Many have traveled before you and many were passionate such as yourself. Yet they could not stand in the storm nor could they withstand the darts of the adversary says the Lord. Yes, I have seen the fledgling attempt to become greater than their parent but they too, being too frail to withstand the arid tumult of the wasteland, will fall from the drought in their mouth and spirit says the Lord.

     These are the days of the self-righteous, those who leave their teachers to become greater, yet they will not. I have called them, they have answered but, as I have warned in the past, they heard an enticement that fed their self says the Lord. They were never really completely in agreement with Me, but they were in complete agreement with themselves says the Lord.

     The serpent has entered the dwelling place, the sacred place. It has found fault with the structure, yet it never lifted a stone to build the foundation says the Lord. As faithful as the heavens remain, they cannot as they know not Me nor, are they rooted in Me says the Lord. Their concern, their interest and their focus is on their plan and desires, which none belong to Me. I AM the focus. I AM the direction. Without Me they are traveling toward a non-existent oasis says the Lord.

     I AM building something that has never been seen before, a foreign structure. It will offend many because they are drenched in religion. Even those who claim to be free will find this structure to be unfit for their fleshly desires. I cannot use those who remain in the shade of the past says the Lord. Come forth! Stay no longer in the shadows of the Pharisee and reject the slumber of the Sadducee.

     Hear Me and hear Me clearly says the Lord. There is a spirit of rejection in your midst. It has clouded and burdened your vision, but I AM the Way.

     I have hewn a path from solid rock. I have removed the many obstacles and even polished the stone for your ease of travel says the Lord. Do not be swayed to a place you will not be able to retreat from says the Lord. Hear Me now oh watchman on the wall. Let the sound of the trumpets be heard from the mountain tops and train up the keepers of the gate and let no deception come into your midst says the Lord."