The Word of the Lord

apostle ric perez (11/19/20)

The Holy Spirit spoke this to me today and said this is for the body of Christ...those that have ears to hear and even those that do not...

"The time has come... for My children to come together in order to forge ahead says the Spirit of the Lord. Those that remain, and there will be many who remain, will not be able to progress any further in My Kingdom, they will falter, they will stall. The obstinate and the arrogant will hinder their own travel says the Spirit of the Lord. Look at the mountains and look at the oceans for they know My voice and they listen to Me says the Spirit of the Lord. This is a time for engagement with the enemy and this is a time for peace, but the battles to be fought must be spiritual in nature and not of the flesh.

Many of you quarrel... backbite and gossip amongst yourselves says the Spirit of the Lord. Your passions run high and the rage and hatred within you is similar to murder. You will not be able to obtain anything of value because you do not include Me, and you only include your powerless and weak religions. You do not fear Me, and you do not stand in awe of Me, you only tolerate Me, so I shall be your judge. And I shall judge between the nations and it will be I who will be the decider of disputes and continue to be the revealer of inequity says the Spirit of the Lord.

Do not wrestle against the things of the world... nor against the rulers of the world. They will execute themselves; they will cut themselves down because they are ignorant says the Spirit of the Lord. Many seek the stability of peace, but they will find it not, for their hearts and minds are of the world and so they will remain in the world void of it. I am bringing about a new creation one that is free from the wages of sin says the Spirit of the Lord. In this newness the darkness will be crushed under your feet. Chaos will be cut down and it's offspring shall be no longer says the Spirit of the Lord. I remind you that I have said these things to you prior so that in Me you may have peace rather than tribulation and I remind you yet again that I have overcome the world so fear not at what you see! Fear not at what you hear! Fear not at what others say to you about your walk with Me says the Spirit of the Lord!

You were made to overcome... including the obstacles before you! There is much darkness and evil around you as you walk through the city, as you engage those living among you says the Spirit of the Lord. But overcome them with good and do not attempt to use an evil weapon. What I offer you is a holy peace one that cannot be minimized nor taken from you says the Spirit of the Lord. Stay away from those hateful voices, those that come out from the past, and those that speak from the present, for their anger will never produce the righteousness that they claim is upon them says the says the Spirit of the Lord.

The iniquity of man can be seen... and discerned yet does not want to change and so I will not include him until he repents from his angers and perversions says the spirit of the Lord. Do not partake with the unbeliever, this is a season of great focus and the unbeliever brings with them distraction and Lawlessness. These unbelievers masquerading as believers have had their consciences seared by the darkness, this has alienated them from Me says the Spirit of the Lord. They have been deceived and they have welcomed every perversion and the evil they have called acceptable. They have even rejected what I have called good says the says the Spirit of the Lord.

I speak to you in this season... a time like no other hear My words. If you cannot comprehend them and if you do not hear them then you are not of Me says the Spirit of the Lord."