The Word of the Lord

apostle ric perez (09/09/22)

The Word of the Lord came to me… (09/09/22)

“The world has chosen a path that I have not approved says the Spirit of the Lord. The world has chosen the path of evil and destruction, one that has separated from Me. Judgement draws near. The mockers will be silenced and drop to their knees. The mockers and unbelievers will die of fear and shock says the Spirit of the Lord.

The sons and daughters of My Creation have chosen self over Me, they see themselves as more important, more necessary than I in their lives.

These are like the Pharisees and Sadducees, the ones who separated mankind from the awareness of Me says the Spirit of the Lord. They exist today and are in operation within your religious communities which teach that time and education as more important than standing in My Presence.

Those you call 5-fold ministers, those who teach religion and those who use religion to bind will be brought to My Justice says the Spirit of the Lord. I came to free the captives and to impower the weak in spirit but you and others who teach in this fashion will be held accountable. These still allow bondage to prevail says the Spirit of the Lord.

The time draws near for the flowing of the river of My Truth and My Justice to prevail over the selfish, arrogant, and prideful spirit that moves My Creation. Be aware and take notice to what I cause to be revealed in these days, your days of now says the Spirit of the Lord. There are many platforms that will crumble. There are many sins to be publicly revealed. Truths that you believed will be shown as falsehoods and lies says the Spirit of the Lord. People who you held in high esteem will fall before the world as hypocrites who hid their secrets from you. Your corporations who have been built upon untruths, deceptions and evil will suffer the greatest causing the world to shutter from their collapse. I will not be mocked says the Spirit of the Lord.

My true children, those who have believed in Me without the need for proof will be rewarded. It is they who have suffered but do not give up says the Spirit of the Lord. It is these of My Kingdom which will see the beginning of the destruction of the unholy. Be strong do not surrender to the beast says the Spirit of the Lord!”