The Word of the Lord

apostle ric perez (10/01/20)

The Holy Spirit spoke this to me October 4, 2018 and told me to distribute it again for such a time:

"Heed My Words in these days... and reject the and judgmental tongue says the Spirit of God. You will be exposed to opinions and troubled commentaries from those around you. I have called for unity yet unity is what is absent. I have called for a single mind with a single effort yet ignorant individualism is what prevails says the Spirit of God.

Confusion is present in the form... of a haze that rests upon your minds. I have called you to build My House but you have run away because of a few words or actions that have penetrated your spiritual skin. You claim to love Me but are quickly moved to a new direction when the work gets difficult says the Spirit of God.

Oh son and daughter... be freed and unhindered by the spirit of confusion. Listen not again to the spirit that angered the crowd before My Son in the courtyard says the Spirit of God. Stand upon My Word! Rest upon My Word! If you do not hold the Truth and Completeness of My Word, unedited and unchanged within your heart, you will find yourself roaming from land to land and from house to house says the Spirit of God.

The spirit of confusion is present... in your lands and homes. You will find that you will lose patience with each other. You will find that one moment you are in possession of My Vision and the next you are void of it. You will find that one moment you are strong and in the next moment you are leaning on man for support says the Spirit of God.

I hear your prayers but nothing will change... Do you not know My Ways yet? Oh foolish and misdirected children. Who has deceived you into these days? If you truly loved Me you would have stayed and built according to My Plans says the Spirit of God. Instead you have convinced yourselves that what you are now doing is what I have called you to do. No…you are not building My Vision! You are building yours! If you have retreated, you are alone says the Spirit of God! If you have changed direction, you are alone! If you have relocated to a new land, you are alone! It was not I who told you to retreat. It was not I who told you to change direction. It was not I who told you to relocate. You have been deceived and now you have joined forces with the liars plan says the Spirit of God.

But I am in the midst of those who refuse... to move on their own accord. I am their company and friend. Those who persevere and refuse to be moved by obstacles or shortages, I will continue to hear them and I will come to them as their Providence says the Spirit of God. I see those who have been faithful, not those who claim faithfulness, and I will never leave them nor forget them. Their plans are My Plans and their vision is My Vision. These do not tire from our work together says the Spirit of God. They do not leave the work site claiming I have redirected them to another. They work tirelessly together helping each other. They do not have critiques about their brothers and sisters, instead they embrace each other and build each other up! Here you will find Me. Here I will answer you! Here I will heal you! Prepare yourselves…do you not see? The season is being changed by My Hand and what was written will come to pass says the Spirit of God! "