The Word of the Lord

PRophet pastor ric perez - Feb 12, 2018

The Word of God came to me for you...

          "My plan for you is woven in Blood and sacrifice. Freedom was demanded, bondage was to be broken and walls of stone were to crumble says the Lord. Yet you have permitted a spirit once banned from your presence to poison your minds.

          The spirit of the Pharisee has roamed the land too long unhindered and has delivered its consignments into your lives. Those I have entrusted with My sheep have caused them to be imprisoned by religion rather than come closer to Me says the Lord. Woah to the man that confuses his brother, clouding his understanding.

          If My children abide in Me then they will never be misled says the Lord. To abide in Me, resting in Me and trusting Me with their very breath then these would never be deceived. Building houses that rest upon religion and the religious process are destined to fall as they serve no purpose than to bind and imprison My children says the Lord. Remember oh stubborn teachers, without Me you can do nothing. Without Me your work will yield no fruit, only noise. And in this hour Pharisee I see no fruit says the Lord.

          Stop your incessant need to restrict what you fear and do not know. Put away days and weeks of celebrations and focus on the Cross. Stop looking to your table and food as a means to holiness for there is none there says the Lord. What I have called clean shall remain and no man shall instruct otherwise. Stop your fear and stop your confusion says the Lord. Focus on Me and bring My Truth to the lost. See what I see and envision what I envision, a life of victory for them says the Lord.

          Oh false and reckless teachers of religion. You dress in special robes and you grow your beards so that all will see you says the Lord. You eat the law and ignore the Sacrifice. My Name is barely on your lips. If you continue to exalt yourself among men then you will be lowered but if you exalt Me then you will be elevated among them.

          These are the days of destruction of the spirit of religion. No longer will the Pharisee be in power says the Lord. I will strike at the root of its power and what it has acquired will be burned to ash. The Pharisee will be reduced to nothing. Its secret sins, and hidden perversions including their lairs will be exposed and thrown into the Light says the Lord.

          Incline your ear to Me and listen intently to My Words to you. I have made a way in the desert for you to travel. This spirit has been exposed to you so that you would not fall prey to its lures says the Lord. I will protect you and I will strengthen you in these days. Focus on My Name and what it has done for you says the Lord. Cling to Me and not to the empty words of man and I will secure you for the rest of your days. Liberty and freedom have been set before you. Embrace them each and live as a free son and free woman says the Lord. Be empowered and strengthened in these Words to you!"