The Word of the Lord

PRophet pastor ric perez - AUG 10 2018

The Spirit of God spoke to me over the last two days and released these POWERFUL Words to His people.

     “In these days of great trouble do not be fearful nor anxious. I have heard the hate and I have seen the division says the Spirit of God. I see the plans of man and even have witnessed their planting of obstacles so that some would trip.

     These are the days of great trials and uncertainty for you says the Spirit of God. Do not find it strange that you have been exposed to disasters, some present while others have yet to arrive. The earth groans for the return of righteousness and for its rebirth but more time must pass. Yet in all of this do not grow fearful nor neglect My Words says the Spirit of God.

     Why do you look to the skies for answers? Why do you search for knowledge in your books asks the Spirit of God? Your natural surroundings and rotting printed pages will never yield you wisdom. The seas wait for My Command. The mountains wait for My Command. All things stand on alert waiting for My Command says the Spirit of God. Yet so many of My children lack the understanding that all things are traveling to their end.

     Governments will continue to rise up against each other in an attempt to gather My True followers says the Spirit of God. They will destroy My Sanctuaries and they will attempt to separate the tongue from the body to usher in an era of silence, to make the path clear for their perversions. Yes even now many who have called themselves Christians in prior seasons, leave behind their faith in Me so that they would be accepted by the world, so that the taunting would end says the Spirit of God. But whoa to those to depart from the path. It would have been better that they never knew the Truth. Hypocrites will gather in great halls and they will sing false songs of worship. They will bow down to Eastern idols from ages past and call it good and incorporate it into what I have spoken says the Spirit of God. Whoa to those who inject pathetic and stubborn doctrines of man and say it is good. It would have better that they did not rise from their beds of arrogance. Even with The Blood being spilt over humanity some argue that it is false and non-existent. They say they have a better way, a more accurate and true travel, yet they lead the innocent to their slaughter, and soon they too will not stand upright in their evil day.

     Yet I know and I see a remnant of a people long thought vanished says the Spirit of God. I have seen them rising from the depths and obscure places. Their hearts are untouched by the false and deceitful promotions of man says the Spirit of God. They have not edited My Word into their lives and so I have kept My Eyes upon them. Whoa to the hand that raises to strike at any one of these My Sheep. It would have been better that they had not been born says the Spirit of God. The Remnant will rise from your inner cities, farmlands and towns. They will rise from the prisons and dungeons with a power and strength never encountered before says the Spirit of God. They will rise from their secret and hidden places of worship and dance upon the ashes of their captors never to be imprisoned again. The Remnant will gather from different nations and faraway lands but they will speak one language and confusion will not be present in those days says the Spirit of God.

     Be not concerned with those who refuse to listen to what I speak through you. Speak once and even speak twice. But on the third attempt if they reject you they have rejected Me and so depart. These will not value the pearls you bring because they lack wisdom and so have been halted in their ignorance. Oh Remnant know I am with you says the Spirit of God. I have watched you. I have heard you. Rise up in confidence and be secure in the knowledge that a great movement has been set into motion and you are at the forefront says the Spirit of God!"