The Word of the Lord

PRophet pastor ric perez - June 19 2018

The Word of God came to me for you...

     "A Great Movement has begun. It has sprung from the wells of eternity and has traveled from the four corners of this world says the Lord. Nothing can stop the power it brings and there is no mechanism known to all creation that can hinder the speed with which it travels.

You have stood in the city center and in the streets of the nation’s heralding its arrival. You have been ignored by the masses, some even casting their rebuke upon you. Yet there were a few who listened and because they heard they too will be a part of this effort. They remained because you chose to love them rather than shun them says the Lord. They remained because your compassion towards them, rather than your judgment, caused them to stay and listen to Me.

The greatest of divides has taken its place upon the land says the Lord. The rift between governments, between people and even between families has now sunk deep into their foundations. The spirit of division, that age old adversary, that carrier of poison and possessor of the weaponry of destruction, speaks now! As the Great Movement has begun, this spirit seeks the weakest and the most vulnerable, those who rely on themselves and their intelligence, rather than upon Me and My Word! They have puffed their own selves to a new high says the Lord. These are the famous and notables of your day. Their image is all they see and their opinions and empty words are all they hear. Even the leaders of your nations scramble in these hours to make sense of their last words. They have eaten from the table of ignorance and now hear and see its affect upon the land says the Lord.

Make your decision today on which side of the divide you will stand. The hour is coming when blackness is all the people of this day will know. If you decide to stand in the world, then be prepared for the task of attempting to survive with no hope says the Lord. But if you decide to stand with Me, on the side of righteousness then you too will participate in these great days says the Lord. Focus not on the Law nor on the mechanics of tradition as time does not treat you as friend. If you judge the lives of others, then be prepared to have your own life judged today says the Lord!

     In this day of Great Movement accept My Change that comes to you, a wind of My New, a Wind of My Progress says the Lord. Today harken not to the seduction of complacency. Today do not permit the harsh destruction of your heart through the pointing of a pharisaical finger. Today do not reduce My Word to the ink on a page for these are the days of a Great Movement the likes the world has never seen before says the Lord."