The Word of the Lord

apostle ric perez (08/20/21)

The wind will blow throughout the valley... in a chosen direction says the Spirit of the Lord. It cannot be changed by man nor his plans, it will continue to travel regardless of his desires. Oh, prideful and vengeful man, you seek to make changes, to redirect to insert yourself in the plans that have been established from the foundation says the Spirit of the Lord.

I have warned you that your fall... will be due to your pride and arrogance, you continue to stumble with shoes have soles of calamity says the Spirit of the Lord. What you have built in the natural was by your hands only. Your foolishness in the spiritual has caused you to enter dangerous realms and platforms of spiritual wickedness says the Lord.

The secret plans that you have made... in the dark will continue to be uncovered and revealed. You have found comfort in the darkness and among the graves of man rather than in the counsel of My Words says the Lord.

You have continued to imprison... those whom I have freed, and you feel no remorse because your heart has been hardened beyond restoration. So, you bring war to your home, and you bring war to your neighbors says the Spirit of the Lord. You continue to act righteous... judging between people and nations, deciding disputes, touting resolutions and answers but these are void of wisdom and so they bring chaos to your cities says the Lord.

This dark time you have entered will require... a great amount of focus with no distraction. My Words must not leave your mouth and My precepts must not leave your thoughts says the Lord. Your victory depends on your commitment to Me and your unwavering faith in Me. When a knock at the door demands that you open it, and it is not the sound of My Voice, do not give the spirit of the world access to your home says the Lord.