The Word of the Lord in 2019... The Revelation Revolution!

PRophet pastor ric perez - APR 24, 2019

The Lord spoke these Words to me today for the body of Christ...


     "Nations be on alert! An invisible foe has crossed your borders. While the world looks to natural borders and walls, this foreign and unwelcomed alien has breached your gates and is traveling toward your people says the Lord. Like death that corrupts the flesh, so has this enemy corrupted My people. It has introduced a disease that seeks to weaken from within, so that the body would be too weak to stand says the Lord.

     I have spoken many Words to man, but very few of these have been entered into his heart says the Lord. Man has continued to chase man, seeking the comfort of flesh for flesh rather than to be strengthened from My Spirit to his spirit. This enemy has blinded many says the Lord. The blind cannot fight this fight, so it seeks to veil the spiritual eyes of mankind introducing division. This is the season of the establishment of persecution. Be readied as persecution comes to those who have clung to Me says the Lord.

     Even as you engage these words the enemy continues to advance. It looks for the misguided and the broken says the Lord. It searches for the proudful and arrogant. It seeks those who have put down their mantles says the Lord. Whoa to the untaught children, and their absent parents. This spirit will bring down their homes and everything they have built says the Lord. Man has permitted his politicians, the voices of absurdity and ignorance to speak for him, jeopardizing his very way of life. Because man has remained religious and distant from the Truth of all Truths, these renegade children with weapons of destruction, will continue to lure man into a false security says the Lord.

     The days will grow darker. The commentaries and opinions of the masses will become more aggressive and violent says the Lord. A day comes when they will focus their hatred upon Me and those who are My Children. They will tell you how to pray. They will tell you to cover your heads. They will even tell you how to worship. They will make attempts to isolate and imprison My Spirit and Word says the Lord. They will call it the “doctrine of hate”. On that day recall this Word as Truth. They will even make attempts to ban My Word says the Lord. My House will be set ablaze by the unstable, jealous and mockers of My Name.

     In that day you will see those who you thought were filled by My Spirit and Truth display the traits of hatred and evil says the Lord. They were fakers and deceivers. They were lovers of themselves. They ate meals of deception and now vomit their hatred among the people. They will call evil good and will proclaim good as evil says the Lord.

     But be not dismayed, for these days and times have already been written. For those who have been prepared this time comes as no surprise says the Lord. The ignorance that spews forth in various ways will be silenced. Remember My Words and do not depart from Me says the Lord. Remain with Me even through the unbearable season that comes. I will stay with you and I will comfort you in that time. Do not stop moving toward the goal, toward the finish line says the Lord. Others may leave because of the pressures and heaviness of this time, but I will not leave your side. You will never be alone to defend yourself says the Lord. Speak My Word and live!"