The Word of the Lord in 2019... The Revelation Revolution!

PRophet pastor ric perez - FEB 7, 2019

The Spirit of God spoke to me and released these POWERFUL Words to His people.

     "So many mouths are open in your days says the Lord. So many powerless and faithless words have been uttered and continue to spoil the innocent. The spirit of rebellion has stepped out into the wastelands of your lands, but it has become emboldened by the silence of My Children says the Lord. It continues to refuse to heed My Words. Is there no one in these days who can hear My Voice?

     The people hear but they do not understand says the Lord. They see but they do not know what is in their vision. Their eyes have been blinded. Their ears have been stuffed and their hearts have become dull. Take no part in their rebellion lest you too become indoctrinated by this spirit of ignorance says the Lord.

     A truth has slipped from the hands of man and it has fallen to the ground. The unrighteous will only inherit destruction says the Lord. Do not be deceived! Do not be fooled by the heresies that transport and deliver destruction and chaos to your doorstep.

     Oh, faithful My desire for you is that you would prosper in My Ways says the Lord. Separate yourselves from the redundant and repetitious ways of the religious tradition and enter into a new and holy place with Me. While the warfare of the weakened state of man continues, be at peace in knowing that I have overcome all foes and every adversary says the Lord.

     Do not be like those who at every trial seem to waver in their unbelief. But you are to stand with a new confidence that surpasses all of your prior seasons says the Lord. Yes, there will continue to be trials and tribulations, but you were created to prevail and to flourish says the Lord. So that through these encounters My Name would be lifted! Be encouraged and rejoice as I am with you always and even to the end of time says the Lord!"