The Word of the Lord

apostle ric perez (10/14/21)

The spirit of the Lord met me and spoke the following Word to be heard and to be read by all...

"The usurper, that thief and deceiver... is among you now says the Spirit of the Lord. Take great caution in the days that follow that you do not get distracted and follow the wrong path. Many will enter the wrong gate, as they attempt to balance the falsities that are presented to them and those that are true, those that are My absolute Truths says the Spirit of the Lord.

The deceiver stands in a high place... and he makes secret plans to enter your home, to enter your ear gates steering up the greatest of fears. This deceiver feeds on your fear. So to enable your victory you must be strengthened in My Word says the Spirit of the Lord.

I have spoken to you in prior seasons... instructing you as to the importance of building the foundation in My Word and not in the empty promises, or the false securities that are found in pharmakeia, government or the world says the Spirit of the Lord. A time is coming where you will be questioned. The time is coming where your movement will be restricted because My Presence within you strikes a great fear within the beast that right now roams freely.

Again, I say to you speak no evil of your brother or sister... for your words will be counted says the Spirit of the Lord. But I tell you do not refrain from speaking the Truth and do not shy away from the repercussions that may manifest because of your boldness. Just know that I hear and see you always. Your strength in Me glorifies My Name and Throne says the Spirit of the Lord.

I speak these words to you... so that you will know in advance the plans of the enemy that come. The dark days that bring a hungry stomach are approaching. There will be limitations, outages, and shortages but do not worry nor be anxious about anything says the Spirit of the Lord. Brother will turn against brother just to feed themselves; these are the faithless and these are doomed and will have no place in My Kingdom. They will enter sacred places and temples just to desecrate them but remember as the world morns and cries out to false gods, creating a new religion by merging 2, I will not be mocked says the Spirit of the Lord. I am not in a stone structure; I am not in a gilded vessel nor am I found in a geometric object. I am the Creator, and I am the Protector, and I am the Sustainer of those who are rooted in My Word for all eternity says the Spirit of the Lord.

But these days must pass... These days must be encountered by believers and by unbelievers so that I may begin to sort the sheep from the goats, the lukewarm from the hot and the tare from the wheat says the Spirit of the Lord."