The Word of the Lord

PRophet pastor ric perez - Dec 5, 2018

The Spirit of God spoke to me and released these POWERFUL Words to His people.

     "Watchman rise from your positions and stand upon your platforms. Hear My Word and hear the rising torrent that approaches says the Spirit of the Lord..

     You are now in the onset of the skirmish. The adversary has engaged you through those encircled around you. It is relentless and without tire. It battles with weapons of words and emotions says the Spirit of the Lord.. Do you not know this? Watchman, do not be caught by surprise. Stand by in the distance with My vision and like Caleb, report and speak the truth. You will rise from the ashes of the fire it has started if you abide in My Presence says the Spirit of the Lord.

     The time you are in has been foretold. The weapons of this warfare you have been equipped with says the Spirit of the Lord. Let not the sharp tongue of the ignorant, those who reject your counsel and those who reject My Name have any piercing value upon your heart. These will be dealt with says the Spirit of the Lord. They will fall and they will be proven wrong in the days that follow.

     So many have fallen into the abyss of self-reliance and self-pity. They walk the path of selfishness and ignorance and believe they are safe. Oh poor and pathetic Pharisees of your day. They hide behind the mask of the knowledge of man and have no idea that My Word was their only shield says the Spirit of the Lord.

     Continue to seek Me with the passion that has arisen within you. The end draws closer as I have spoken. It is better that you be caught by surprise in the field planting My Seed than to be busy building the lies of man says the Spirit of the Lord. So many have been defiant and so many have been rebellious. You my son and daughter will see the Truth of My Word as it manifests in your life. Be steady and be ready in these days of testing, fire and water says the Spirit of the Lord."