The Word of the Lord

apostle ric perez - juLY 18, 2019

The Holy Spirit spoke these Words to the body of Christ...

     The season of acceleration has arrived says the Lord. Be prepared to make quick and precise movements in these days. Promotion will be commonplace because I will remove the hindrances that once positioned themselves before you.

     The purpose of this activity says the Lord, will be to reposition My People in the ranks they are to be raised within. You will be seen by many. You will be spoken about by many. You will be hindered by none says the Lord. The Work you will be doing will be holy and it will be Mine. The Lord says to you that this special time will incur no expenditure by you and those items you may have given up, to get to this pace will be returned, reimbursed and even increased back into your hands.

     No demonic activity nor adversarial plan will come to you says the Lord. He said that He has posted angelic forces and chariots of Fire around your camp, your life and family, including your design and Kingdom purpose. The Lord reminds you that you are His possession and you are protected by Him alone. The Lord says to you to remain in His Presence in these days as you will be unable to navigate this terrain without Him.

     In these days you will be like a well-watered tree, planted along a crystal clear, running stream. The Lord says to you that you will be fed manna of a new sort. Your survival and continued promotion will depend on your hunger for this manna and the new life it will bring you says the Lord. The Lord also reminds you to continue to reject the secular doctrines as they not only will insert chaos but those who ride the thin line of comfort rather than boldness will not receive what He has reserved for them.

     The Lord says to you to stand out! He says to not become like those who hide in the mess of their lives but to stand in the heat of the day! He speaks now to reassure you that even in the heat of the most-fierce desert He will be your shade and He will bring you something cool to drink. These are the days of the committed! The time to stand by the edge and test the temperature of the water has passed. He calls for those who have committed, those who refuse to toy with the same slow methods of the past, to arise and be promoted to a new plateau of His Favor and Authority says the Lord!