The Word of the Lord in 2019... The Revelation Revolution!

PRophet pastor ric perez - MAY 9, 2019

Last night I was reminded again about how much God loves us, His children. And as this thought sank deep into me, the Holy Spirit confirmed to me these are not my thoughts, but these were His. Then the Word of the Lord was released to me…

     “These are the days where a great divide seeks to be established and set amongst My Children says the Lord. The thief seeks to destroy what has been built but will not get very far because of the gatekeepers and watchmen who have refused to sleep in this time.

     Whoa to the voices that continually speak discouragement for they will be judged, and they will be silenced says the Lord. I will not raise them up nor will I pay attention to them, because they have sought to establish and make a foundation of demolition and destruction among My Nations.

     I remind you that I came to destroy the spiritual fortresses that man has built and to establish My Kingdom upon your ground says the Lord. The days of darkness come close to their end and to their demise. Take notice. Change and be realigned in your travels says the Lord.

     Descriptions of man will fall regardless of their perceived greatness, the popularity of their name or societal or governmental position. My Spirit moves upon the land and positions Himself in strategic places. These are the places hidden from man says the Lord. These places are no longer seen and have been forgotten by man. These are the places that man no longer finds any value within.

     But My Holy Spirit moves among My Children, those who remain faithful and continue in this way says the Lord. My Fire, My Calls, and My Name is being carried deep into enemy territory and into their secured houses. Behind the lines of power. Into the dark and secret places of the deceiver. The day soon comes where all will be revealed says the Lord.

     A day nears when the sound of a great trumpet will be heard. Man will fall to his knees from fear. The sky will bow before Me, and even the stars will fall to their knees says the Lord. What man has established will come to an immediate halt. In that instance, the nations and their self-promoted power will come to a grinding stop. They will realize in that moment that what I have spoken through the ages was true and that they all along were the thief.

     My love for you is everlasting but those who have forced themselves upon the platforms of man, those who are sitting in high places, those who cannot see what is being done by Me are all bathed in chaos and self-destruction says the Lord.

     Son and daughter do not be anxious. Do not grow weary. Continue in the Way you have been traveling. Look to your left. Look to your right and know I go with you says the Lord. Even when the sun is blotted out. Even when stars fall from the heavens know I AM with you always. Do not delay in the building of My Kingdom and in completion of your Calling. Raise up your mantle for the world to see and watch the evil and darkness depart right before your sight says the Lord!”