The Word of the Lord in 2019... The Revelation Revolution!

PRophet pastor ric perez - MAR 8, 2019

The Spirit of God spoke to me and released these POWERFUL Words to His people.

     A strong and persuasive wind blows upon your lands says the Lord. It entered in from the east and has loosed a spirit of hatred and retribution among the inhabitants. The words that are spoken by this wind contribute to chaos and confusion. Like a thick dust raised in the desert by an approaching storm; travel, growth and even peace will be impossible to find says the Lord.

     Ignore the words that you will hear pouring forth from this wind. Be strong and filled with courage says the Lord. Do not entertain the spirits of dread or fear as I am with you. I will intervene and stop the progress of this wind and I will replace it with calm. When this wind brings the word of hatred remember you have overcome it with Me, and I have conquered the world says the Lord.

     Find relief and strength in knowing that the authority I have given you is complete and sufficient. This evil and destructive spirit will not harm you, rejoice and do not partake of its evil agenda says the Lord. Renounce its ungodliness and its perverse doctrine. Do not drink from the cup it carries and reject the invitation to sit at its table says the Lord.

     Do not lose heart as the horizon becomes progressively darker. Continue to rest in My Word every day as this is your protection from the violent confrontation that comes says the Lord. Remember son and daughter, you cannot enter this season alone nor can you engage the evil without Me. A time comes when brother will become even more aggressive with his brother; when words cannot be trusted and when families will be tested to a new limit says the Lord.

     All of these things must come to pass as they have been foretold. The serpent has manifested in your high places and many have rallied around it embracing its hatred for My people says the Lord. But I say to you to distance yourself from its presence. Those who support it and those who protect it will find themselves in possession of lives of ruin. Do not find it strange nor odd that such evil has risen as it has been present from the beginning says the Lord.

     But be secure in knowing that I remain with you through your trials and through your adversities. Find comfort through My Word to you and through your unwavering and unrelenting faith in Me. When they come to your land to remove My Name, My Words and My People understand that the time that was prophesied has become as day. Rebuke all that is contrary to Me in your lives and remember I am with you in these days says the Lord.