July 25, 2017

The Word of the Lord came to me for the body of Christ...

"Stand in My River and depart not from it says the Lord. I have sent My Spirit to provide you precise directions acting as your guide. Strong is the current of My Stream. Turbulent and violent at times it may be but in My Spirit you will always remain in control during these times.

Now is the time for your flesh to be subjected to the Truth that My Spirit brings to you. Yes, there was a time you had no idea where you stood says the Lord but the season changed. You accepted Me to reside with you and so you were changed for good, for all times, for My purpose says the Lord.    

I continue to watch over you, seeing you in all things. I say to you now, stand and remain in My River for it is good and refreshing says the Lord. If you have become weary then you will find you have drifted away from the Rivers edge. When you become heavy laden with the trials of this life, you will find that your feet are now upon dry and cracked earth and not upon the cool and refreshing soil nourished by My River.

Stand in My River and depart not from it says the Lord. The earth moans with fear and many tears are shed in these days. I have seen the death in your streets and I have seen the neglect hidden deep in the hearts of man. But the carriers of this death and the keepers of this evil have all been defeated by the violent and cleansing force of My River says the Lord.

I hear the voices of many crying in the lands of neglect says the Lord. A once strong land now heading towards desolation, and the voices of the people have come before Me in these days says the Lord. I have instructed them. Yes, I have given them the directions they have sought to be righteous and holy.

To them I say, stand in My River, in the River of Life. Yes, people who seek Me, I see and hear your needs and hearts. Your time of refreshing is upon you. Yes this is a time for great refreshing. My Word precedes My Presence. Then all nations will see. Yes, My River will surge through your land and it will saturate all of creation. None can hide. Shelter will be found by none says the Lord. Those who cannot separate themselves from the flesh will be overrun. Those who position themselves in My house for fame and those who cannot serve others, will be overrun by the torrent of My River says the Lord.

Soon new structures will be raised. Not of wood and stone, nor of gold or precious gems. But the new structures will be built upon a foundation of desire for My Name. The buildings will rise up from the dust of religion and they will never return to the old ways says the Lord. These structures will be strong and unique. No two will be the same. My Name will be sung from their halls and miracles will be commonplace. Teachers will live their lives by My Word and the people will see and follow these righteous ways. My River will quench the thirst of these laborers and they will be quickly strengthened says the Lord. Astonishing are these times. Astonishing are these days. See My River as it flows and moves with power and might says the Lord!'

Pastor Prophet Ric Perez